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brings you professional, supportive, effective and collaborative, psychological therapy services or and solutions for you. Whether you are an individual, couple, group, or any minority or an organisation representing them, we offer tailored solutions to your needs and problems. Fighting  Fear provides a safe space for Queer people by Queer professionals. Click here and join us and contribute to our  growing community.

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LGBTQ+ psychological therapy services

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Education and Inspiration

As an LGBTQ+ person or ally it is important to get information about the Queer community and what it means to be "Queer". At Fighting Fear we provide information in the form of live events and content which can help you nagivate Queer identity and other issues that are important for our health and wellbeing. 

Help and Support

We aim to provide you with intersectional support so you do not have to compartmentalise yourself again. All our psychological therapists, coaches and support staff are Queer / LGBTQ+ or are allies who have lived experience and knowledge and skill on how to work with our community. Our wellbeing team is experienced and highly skilled to be able to help and support your wellbeing needs. Meet our Fear Fighters today and get the support you need.

Don't for get to meet Freeya our Queer AI bot who is able to answer your LGBTQ+ questions and acts as an encyclopedia for Queer identity issues. 

Consultant Collaborations

Want to collaborate with us?

Our team is committed to supporting your organisation in creating psychological solutions that keep your values at the centre of our work together. We aim to elicit your needs and collaborate with you to facilitate your organisational goals, through workshops, seminars, retreats, trainings and more. We welcome collaborations with other Queer / LGBTQ+ or allie organisations, businesses and individuals. See our collaborations and contact us for more information.

Collaborations we made

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