Professional, effective and supportive psychological treatment to help you overcome your fears

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Our Services

At Fighting Fear we aim to provide evidence-based interventions. Whether it is for you or for those you work with, we aim to meet your outcomes.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

CBT looks at how your cognitions (thoughts) and behaviours (what you do) affects your body and emotions. It helps you look at patterns of behaviours  and thoughts to help you break vicious cycles. It is a short term therapy with the focus on the here and now which is informed by your past.

Let's Talk Corona

A 3 session webinar series looking at help you cope better during the Covid-19 pandemic. The series looks at :

(1) Providing contextual coping strategies

(2) A safe place to process current difficulties and building resilence

(3) Build compassion for self and others

This is an evidenced based treatment to help prevent mental illness developing and manage ongoing difficulties.

For more information on this offer please CLICK HERE   

Eye Movement

Desensitisation Reprocessing

EMDR looks at processing distressing and dysfunctional memories to help you become desensitised to them using adaptive information you already have. EMDR uses a physiological model allowing you to lose the "sting" that comes from these memories to help you get on with your life. 

Fighting Fear Professionals

Fighting Fear offers professionals advice, support, CPD training, workshops, seminars and lectures on a wide range of topics. We welcome collaborations with your organisation and tailor our support to your needs. Whether you need a one of session a series of workshops we are here to help you in with the most up to date research from experts in the field. We aim to make our sessions dynanmic, interactive, informative and enjoyable. 

Triage Assessment

Fighting Fear offers professional triage assessment where we help you identify what may be your psychological problems and what is the best course of psychological treatment. We offer a 30minute appointment where we ask specific questions regarding your problems to help pin point the most likely issue whether that be Panic, Depression or Adjustment problems. We are there to help you get to the bottom of it and then offer expert advice on moving forward. This is about pointing you in the right direction even if it means to another service.  This trage appointments will be online and you can have them from the comfort of your home. 


Helps Reduce

Stress and Anxiety

Improve your interactions with others

Promotes the Development of Self-compassion

Helps you form and maintain healthy relationships


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Monday and Friday : - 9am - 8pm


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