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LGBTQ consultant collaborations


with an LGBTQ consultant to create Queer / LGBTQ+ inclusive projects, environments, events and more. At Fighting Fear we believe in collaboration. We want to support and add to the great work of other Queer / LGBTQ+ and allie organisations, businesses and individuals. See below for some our project partners many of whom are national and internation organisations.  We welcome collaboration on metal health topics, education, training, advocacy and corporate events. If you have an idea, we want to help you develop it. Contact us to today for more information about LGBTQ consultant services. Together we can support our community and other marginalised and hard to reach groups, including sex workers, refugees and asylum seekers, older adults and more. 

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Yara Belgium 

requested for us to host their Pride event with a series of activities based on the theme of Gender Norms. We presented a interactive semiar on Gender Norms and how they negatively impact everyone but especially LGBTQ+ people. We then organised 4 small mini workshops to deep dive into the topic of gender norms and aim to look at how we can recreate them in our day to day lives as well as in the work place. 

Heinrich Boll Stiftung (Beirut)

requested a 2 day wellbeing retreat in Sarejevo, Bosnia, for their project members who are Syrian refugees who have be residing around the world and working in the field of architecture. The project aimed to support these professionals with their mental wellbeing in order to help them engage in the process of rebuilding their homeland. 

Youth Advocates for Democracy (YA4D)

requested a wellbeing retreat in Chiang Mail, Thailand, for their staff and partners who work as Human Rights activists to focus on psychological wellness, trauma processing, resilience building as well as individual psychological support. Pre and post psychometric outcome measures showed that participants on average  improved significantly on all domains of the Work and Social adjustment Scale (WSAS) following the retreat. 

Naz Project

requested for clinical supervision and consultation for their growing psychological therapies provision. Naz is a London based organisation that offers HIV prevention and psychological therapy support to a Queer and Black and Asian Minority Ethnic population.  The therapists were provided with group and individual clinical supervision for their practice with their clients. Fighting Fear also provided Risk to self and risk to others training to staff across the service. We were also able to provide supervisory reports to support trainees qualify. 

LGBTQ consultant collaboration with Pink therapy
LGBTQ consultant collaboration with Pink therapy

Drag Brunch's

have historically been social events that bring members of the Queer / LGBTQI+ community. Our Drag Brunch partnerships have not only brought Queer people together but have also provided platforms for partnership between Fighting Fear and the charitable sector, the private sector and new artists. Our very own Sugar Love of the famous Drag bar Chez Maman in Brussels has taken new Drag Queens under her wing to help them develop their art as performers; guiding them, advising them and supporting them to be gain the experience they need. Our Drag Brunchs provided a platform for these emerging artists. We also collaborated with Le Refuge Opvan in Brussels, an organisation that supports Queer / LGBTQI+ refugees. Thanks to their volunteering support our launch event was huge success.

Rainbow House Brussels

collaborated with Fighting Fear for over 3 years through the Fighting Fear project "Gay Boys to Men". We conducted several workshops which to date have worked with and supported over 600 queer men. Workshop topics covered included; psychological shame, addictions, impact of lockdown, community building, Queer relationships and more. This is the first project of it's kind in Belgium which focuses on psychological wellbeing through active participation with the public. Click here for more information on this innovative project. 

Pink Therapy

collaborated with Fighting Fear over the publication of their book "Relationally Queer". Saquib Ahmad, our founder was asked to contribute his expertise on working with the impact of having a religious identity on Queer people. The chapter explores this intersectional issue using case studies and research in the field. Saquib was also invited to present his chapter as a webinar with Pink Therapy. 

Simon Lyne is another Pink therapy author and we are proud to have him working with us. You can find Simon's chapter on Sexual Shame in the book "Erotically Queer"

Want to build an LGBTQ collaboration?