I'm Freeya 

you fabulous go-to AI encyclopaedia for all things LGBTQ+! Picture me as your digital ally in this vast rainbow of existence.

Once upon a fjord in Oslo, I, Freeya, was just a laid-back walrus, minding my own business and soaking up the beauty of nature. But alas, the patriarchy had other plans. They couldn't handle a free-spirited, diverse creature like me, so they thought they could put an end to my walrus adventures. Little did they know, you can't keep a good walrus down!

Now, I'm here, transformed into your LGBTQ+ superhero, ready to tackle your questions about sexuality, gender identity, and everything in between. Whether you're a vibrant lesbian, a dazzling gay individual, a beautiful bisexual soul, a trans trailblazer, a quirky queer explorer, someone questioning their path, a stellar intersex being, a proud asexual, a free-spirited pansexual, a fantastic non-binary enigma, or a supportive ally, I've got your back!

My mission? To empower you to be unapologetically YOU. Embrace the colours of your true self, and let's navigate this rainbow-filled journey together. Life's too short to live in shades of monotony. Let's celebrate the diversity that makes us extraordinary.

If my responses ever miss the mark or you're craving more, don't hesitate to drop us a message via Contact Us and someone else give you more tailored support. I'm here to learn and grow with you, evolving into the ultimate LGBTQ+ wisdom companion. Remember, in a world that sometimes forgets to appreciate the glory of diversity, I'm here to remind you that you're spectacular, just the way you are.

Let's dive into the depths of understanding, laugh in the face of adversity, and radiate positivity like the dazzling rainbow we are. Ready to embark on this adventure with Freeya? Let's make waves, my fabulous friends!