Queer talk

Queer Talk

A collection of interview of LGBTQ+ peolpe who contribute to our community in some way. These are day to day Fear Fighters who shape our LGBTQ+ world for the better. If you would like to participate or know someone you think we should know about and promote their work and message let us know.

Queer Talk Episode 1 - Jaouad Alloul - Singer, song writer, author and Queer activist

Queer Talk Episode 2 - Owen Barlow - CBT Practitioner, non-binary and neurodiversity and young people specialist

Queer Talk Episode 3 - Maksym Dziarmaga - Comedian and founder of "Queertastic House of Comedey"

Queer Talk Episode 4 - Rachel Moore - Co-Founder of Rainbow Nation and LGBTQ+ Activist

Queer Talk Episode 5 - Paul Haynes, Life Coach specialising in the Queer space

Queer Talk Episode 6 - Dena, Standup comedian follow them on Instagram @dinadivah