Saquib Ahmad

is an LGBTQ therapist with extensive experience in CBT and EMDR therapy, specializing in trauma therapy, including childhood trauma and sexual abuse, as well as addressing issues such as anxiety, depression, and self-esteem. Accredited by the BABCP and EMDR Association, Saquib has a strong commitment to helping individuals in the LGBTQ community, among others, find healing and empowerment.

With a unique focus on severe and complex trauma, addictions, and depression, Saquib has also gained significant experience in working with marginalized groups, including ethnic and religious minorities, asylum seekers, sex workers and the Queer LGBTQ+ community.

With over 15 years of experience in the UK's National Health Service, Saquib is not only a skilled therapist but also the founder of "Fighting Fear." His extensive mental health career includes roles as a senior therapist, supervisor, manager, team lead, trainer, and now, managing director.

Saquib's multicultural background (born in Pakistan and raised in the UK) allows him to connect with a diverse range of individuals. Fluent in Urdu, Hindi, and English, he believes in the transformative power of compassion. As a CBT and EMDR therapist, Saquib is wholeheartedly dedicated to providing high-quality therapy services to help his clients lead happier, healthier lives.

"It is with compassion that you can truly survive and

not simply survive"

Saquib also has a lot of experience in working with Human Rights activists working with various NGO globally. He was involved in training and supporting therapists during the Covid-19, various terrorist attacks in the UK, world conflicts such as the Syrian and Ukrainian War as well as the conflict in Myanmar and now is also support the LGBTQ+ activists in Uganda and Sudan. 

Saquib is an excellent therapist who actively listens and tries his utter most best to tackle the issues at hand. He is rational in his way of thinking and I highly recommend him.

Marc, London (UK)

Best trauma therapist I've ever had! I feel completely free to share and space has been held for me by my therapist. The techniques and skills I have gained from the sessions have been life changing. I started my journey with Fighting Fear last year at a wellness seminar in Chiang Mai, Thailand and I have since continued online sessions every week. It's has really helped me through a lot

Chulu, Cape Town (South Africa)

So far, it has been an incredibly good experience. Helping me to deal with anxiety, ongoing and past trauma.

Gilbert, Nairobi (Kenya)