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FightingFEAR Professionals 

Fighting Fear offers a range of evidence based services to help your practice or organisation. We work with individuals and teams, offering 1:1 supervision, seminars, workshops, courses and lectures. 

Our services are based on your individual needs.

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CPD Events

Continual professional development (CPD) is the exciting and necessary part of maintaining your professionality as accredited practitioners or an ethusiast in the field of mental well-being. 

At Fighting Fear we aim to deliver innovative, up to date, and evidence based CPD. Whether you attend as an individual or you wish to be bring something to your team, Fighting Fear is committed to offer you the learning outcomes you desire. 

We create CPD events which you can attend or we can tailor make one for you. CPD events allow you to learn, explore and develop skills  in an informative, fun and non-judgemental way.  

Workshops and Seminars

Our workshop shops and seminars are intended for the use of anyone who wishes to learn and add to the existing knowledge.  Our workshops aim to teach specfic skills whilst our seminars are more tailored towards open discussions and debates. 

At Fighting Fear we aim to facilitate innovation and learning and so our events are open to all ages, sexs, professions ethnicity and sexuality. 

We create regualar workshops and seminars which you can attend or we can tailor make one for you. We thrive on creating events which are not just informative but also fun, not just about practicing skills but also about forming relationships. 

We welcome collaborations. 


Supervision is an essential part of any good and effective psychotherapy. It can aid the recovery process and help you become a much more reflective practitioner. Without it therapy can be misguided, inaffective and sometimes harmful. It is the bench mark for ethical psychotherapeutic practice. 

At Fighting Fear we offer regular, supportive and evidence based clinical supervision from accredited therapists in the field. Whether you are a CBT therapist or and EMDR therapist, we aim to offer you the supervision you need.

We offer 1:1 and group face-face, audio or video sessions to our supervisees. We are flexible so you do not have to be.

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04/04/20   11am- 12:30pm (CET)

Let's Talk Corona (S1)

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11/04/20   11am- 12:30pm


Let's Talk Corona (S2)

Zoom Webniar

18/04/20   11am- 12:30pm


Let's Talk Corona (S3)

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