"Let's Talk Corona" - Webinar Series

As the threat and death toll of Covid-19 spreads across the world so does stress and anxiety.  The essential need to maintain social distancing and self isolation has led to a rise in mental illness, domestic violence and stress related sickness globally. 

Let's Talk Corona series combines the evidence base of Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Mental Health early interventions (EMDR) and Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT) to help us during these uncertain and unpredictable times. 

For more information on Covid-19 by the World Healh Organisation (WHO) - CLICK HERE

Comprehend the context of our lock-downs and build new coping strategies

A 3 Session Webinar Series 

Process current difficulties and develop resilience

Cultivate a much-needed level of compassion for self and others

Dr Mohammed Satar - GP - Woodhouse Medical Practice - Leeds, UK

The ‘Let’s talk about Corona series’ addresses contexts and develops individual coping strategies and suggests compassion for self or others as a way forward. Fighting Fear brings unique insights and experience from their previous work in the psychotherapy field. Their style of delivery is encouraging and exploratory before offering viewpoints. The information presented is culturally sensitive and appropriate to the audience. 

Gregg Tellig - Brussels , Belgium

The Corona webinar series was a great opportunity to discuss and learn within a group issues and feelings that arise from this period of uncertainty. Fighting Fear provided the group with some useful insights and tools that helped us understand and contextualise our feelings. I really appreciate their professionalism but also their empathic approach. 

David Hatchett - National Schools Director - London , UK

During periods of unprecedented times and trauma, it is a natural reaction to feel anxious or worried. With the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic and the response of most governments to ‘lockdown’ huge parts of their society, many have felt isolated and concerned about their mental health and that of their family and friends. This is what makes the ‘Let’s Talk Corona’ webinar series so felicitous and resourceful. Fighting Fear has a facilitative and open approach which fosters engagement, respect, dialogue and the sharing of fears and hopes. Most importantly the sessions provide practical techniques and strategies to help ease anxiety and promote compassion to self and others. I highly recommend Fighting Fear and its services. 

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